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Established in 1989, Affordable Adventures has been providing Hunting and Fishing Services to thousands of satisfied clients. Our focus and goal has always been to see that our customers enjoy their sport in a friendly, comfortable and successful atmosphere. Whether it be a single day outing for Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi in New Brunswick or a two week excursion in Newfoundland in pursuit of the Grand Slam (Moose, Woodland Caribou and Black Bear), we will try our best to provide an experience that will long be remembered. Packages can be arranged for individuals or groups

Moose: We conduct our moose hunts in Newfoundland where the greatest densities and highest success can be found. Although not the norm, each year we have taken specimens with 20 or more points and antler spreads of over 50 inches.
Unlike other areas, there is no lottery required and each individual is allowed to take a moose.

Woodland Caribou: - We also hunt the majestic Woodland Caribou in Newfoundland which has the only huntable population of this species in the world. These trophies lend themselves well to the sport of bowhunting.

Black Bear: Some of the largest Black Bear in the world live on the island of Newfoundland. Bears of 300 - 500 pounds are not uncommon. Bow, blackpowder and gun hunters all have opportunities close to 100%.

Quebec/Labrador Caribou: Quebec/Labrador Caribou Hunts Are Temporarily "On Hold" Inquire for details.

Fishing:Flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon is done on the famed Miramichi from a beautiful, full-service lodge. For the less experienced, some exceptional fishing for large salmon can be done in early spring when these hungry beauties are headed back to sea. Our Brook Trout fishing is some of the best in the world with fish of 3 - 6 pounds being caught. Arctic Char packages are also available in Quebec.

Package prices, accommodations, duration of stay and travel arrangements will always be tailored to suit the needs of individuals or groups. Occasionally there are unsold big game licenses or cancellations and packages can be arranged at a substantial savings.

Photo Gallery: Visit our Photo Gallery. This is a growing collection of photographs kindly submitted by our customers. It provides a pictorial voyage through our hunting and fishing camps.

Sports Shows & Links: During 2020 we intend to exhibit at a number of area sports shows. If you are visiting any of these shows, why not drop by, say "hello" and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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